Lucendi’s Latest Prodigy ‘Stayx’

Unsurprisingly the gaming scene continues to thrive throughout lockdown providing us all with the entertainment we need right now. Over the weekend Lucendi.CS took part in ESN’s ‘Lockdown Event’ finishing in the quarterfinals after a close defeat to Socially Esports. The team is newly formed, the roster being K0bra, DalleEZ, F0cus, Zevve and Stayx. Lucendi has always stayed close to the Counter-Strike scene, in the organisations founding year with a former roster Lucendi made it to the semi-finals of Razer Rising Stars.

Lucendi have equipped an impressive lineup and one particular player who is attracting attention is the org’s very own rising star Stayx, currently in a breakout year graduating from the now disbanded Academy team after he consistently performed in online tournaments and at Epic Lan. Getting to know Stayx he is 17 y/o and local to the UK hailing from East London. He first found the game after his friend's older brother introduced him, he was hooked and began playing on a low-end laptop, later upgrading to a PC.

Stayx attending Epic Lan 29 in Kettering, UK.

When a new prospect is emerging its common people will question not only their talent but their attitude. Stayx's mindset is strong and he has a refreshing mentality, In a recent interview with him, he told me “I’m really proud of my own performance so far and can’t wait to learn and grow from the players around me. I’m grateful to Kanny and K0bra for giving me the opportunity to show what I could do”.

Lucendi have high ambitions for Stayx and are excited to see him perform amongst the rest of the team. Speaking on the subject with Oski, CEO at Lucendi Gaming he says “We picked up Stayx as we believed the way he spoke about his team and the future of him as a player was energising, he not only has the drive to be the best but also the work ethic.” Stayx joined earlier this year but has quickly found his place. He expressed so far he is loving his time at the org, welcoming the support and guidance offered.

As 2020 currently remains indoors it holds the potential to accelerate the progression of those pursuing eSports, it will be exciting to watch this unfold and remember Stayx is a name to keep an eye on.

By, Charlie Austin (@4444cgha)

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